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New Uber CEO’s First Real Crisis


Here it comes…here comes the new Uber CEO’s first real crisis.

Ten UK Parliament members this week signed a letter urging Transport for London (the London regulator) strip Uber of its operating license on Sept. 30.

London is Uber’s largest non-domestic market.

Calling Uber an “unfit and improper operator” that does not do enough to protect London passenger safety, the group is specifically pointing to Uber’s failure to report alleged sexual assaults against passengers to police.

The Parliament members also stated that Uber drivers earn unacceptably low pay and Uber is avoiding paying its fair share of taxes by basing itself in the Netherlands.

It’s not just the Parliament folks, either.

A chorus of voices—including the top police supervisor and board members of the London regulator—have called to reject, or profoundly alter, Uber’s license.

The police supervisor pointedly stated Uber London had acted to protect its own “reputation” above the safety of passengers.

The mishandling of sexual assaults by drivers has plagued Uber for years and now forms the new CEO’s first real crisis.

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  • Gary Karczewski

    September 18, 2017 at 11:38 pm Reply

    I own a Meddalion in Chicago, it’s rediculos how they are allowed to operate. No FBI background check no Chauffeurs license no inspection on vehicles and impossible to get information on crime and accidents. Of course our Mayor Rahm Emanuel has a brother named Ari who is one of the original investors. The Cab industry is collapsing, rules of supply and demand not there. I am going to sell in the next year because I will be 69 years old. This was a great business I put both my daughters through college.

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