7 Common Uber Problems

  1. They might leak your information to the government and they don’t have a great history of respecting users‘ and drivers‘ privacy. woman surprised by digital privacy concerns

2.  How much your Uber will cost you is constantly surprising you, as residents and travelers in Mexico City on a high-pollution day can attest. Between fare hikes (after dropping them so low there was outcry about drivers’ ability to make ends meet), the question of tips and the ever-unpopular surge pricing, Uber’s simple interface belies the many factors at work to create a “dynamic pricing model” that benefits one actor: Uber. Lucille Bluth is an investor.

3. There’s a global alliance to destroy them. Which makes it sound a lot like an action movie and, spoiler alerts, Uber is the bad guy.


4. People honestly wish Uber was a tiny bit more like a taxicab now.
Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 10.34.27 AM

5. Uber’s communications and PR team has always been really into misdirectionScreen Shot 2016-04-12 at 10.45.51 AM

6. If your town or city tries to regulate them in anyway, they threaten to just leave

7. They’re somehow very like, but much less lovable, than Ron Swanson.




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