5 Times Uber “Out-Ubered” Itself in 2016

1. That time Uber was sued so much for discrimination against persons with disabilities that it created a fake disability program.

“In San Francisco, where Uber is based, there were consistently zero UberWAV vehicles available. In Los Angeles and Portland, there were zero to one cars available, with wait times between 25 and 45 minutes.”



2. That time Uber employees abused their incredibly creepy power to stalk their ex-girlfriends and Beyonce.

So stalking an ex-girlfriend is no laughing matter, and the fact that any Uber employee can see our most personal information is creepy beyond belief– but on top of that, you’re going to mess with Bey? Really?



3. That time Uber’s Head of Economic Research accidently admitted on a live interview that they know full well they can gouge you when your battery is low–and you’re desperate.


“One of the strongest predictors of whether or not you are going to be sensitive to surge — in other words, whether or not you are going to kind of say, oh, 2.2, 2.3, I’ll give it a 10 to 15 minutes to see if surge goes away — is how much battery you have left on your cell phone” – Keith Chen.



4.  That time Uber–the “driving” company– took “$3.5 Billion from Country Where Driving While Female Is Illegal.”

The investment, as well as their operations in the country, means that Uber directly profits from sexist laws.



5. That time Uber asked riders to sign away their right to sue in case of injury and… what was that small thing? Oh right, Death.

“The document, acquired by The Guardian, stated that anyone who decides to participate in this program, will not be able to sue Uber should any problems, such as property damage, injury and even death, occur.”

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